Sunday, September 30, 2012

Take it all

Didn't I give it all,
Tried my best,
Gave you everything I had,
Everything and no less...

Still how can you walk away
From all my tears?
It's gonna be an empty road
Without me right here.

So is it over?
Is this really it?
You've given up so easily,
I thought you loved me more than this.

Oh if only, if only you knew,
Everything I do is for you.

Go on and take it,
Take it all with you.
Don't look back
At this crumbling fool.
Just take it all
With my love...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30

24 years ago on this day........the stars and the moon aligned, time stood still and everything was right in this world.......then I was born! Ha.... Happy birthday!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

7 days

7 days til my 24th birthday. I don't know how I feel about getting older. or leaving the past and happily embracing the future. today i went to the weddingchannel page that i'd created for dehn and i soooo very long ago. ha. i deleted it. at one point in time i thought that dream was becoming reality but in reality it was becoming a nightmare. i don't want to say i regret anything but that night 5 years ago when i found out he was a cheater.....i should have left. too late now. my relationship with him had turned me into somebody i didn't want to be. that shit completely broke me. completely. and until last month, i let that relationship keep a hold of me. i loved that boy to death. i gave him way too much of me. i hate how stupid i was. all the hearts that were broken in the mixt, i wish i could take it all back. honestly. a part of me wanted to reunite and continue from where we left off. but where we left off was hell. who wants to return to hell? silly girls like me. why is is the worst things in life are the things that we enjoy the most? well i'm done. lesson learned. it took me forever and a day to reach this point but i'm here. and i'm happy. 7 days til my 24th birthday. i'm thinking about how much i've grown. all the wonderful things i've achieved. my successes. my goals. my plans...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to Miami

So I'm in MIAMI!! YAY!!!
Came to support my cousin and the WV Mountaineers kick Clemson's ass!!!
AND THEY DID ---> 70-33
WVU set records last night!!! Most points ever scored in a bowl game!!

My cousin, Des & I reppin WV, even though I bleed garnet & black. I was a WV fan last night!!!!!!

This was my first time down here. And I enjoyed it. Thinking this just may be the last spring break destination!!! I could def see my girls and I partying it up in South Beach w/ the celebs.....

My cousin, Ketia & I on the beach....It was nice 70 && sunny!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Been A Long Time Coming

I'm back!!!!
After pretty much a year hiatus....
In that year, I've fallen in love
[[With Someone New]]
Got a job at the nut house
[[a thousand and one stories to tell]]
Finished up nursing school
[[Graduate on May 4]]
Moved into another apartment
[[on the sketchest part of town]]
I've gained knowledge, grown stronger and have definitely gotten fatter!!!

And I've done the one thing I swore I'd never do
[[Let go of my first love]]
It still hurts and I find that I struggle with it from time to time. All I have are my memories. Only the good ones stand out, they make it really hard not to miss him.
But I can honestly say I'm okay & happy without him.

And I haven't ran my current relationship into the ground
[[I've tried several times]]
And the way I feel now is.......
There are no words that even begin to explain the relief and joy, the happiness you feel when you're with someone that you can trust 200%, someone that loves you just as much as you love them if not more. Being in love and knowing that the love is real and its yours AND ONLY YOURS!!!!!

I'm with a guy that has given me the world, treats me like a queen and loves me for me....It's the best feeling in the world.

Life is just beginning for me. It's been a long time coming.....
But I'm finally here